Diamond Tower


LAND MARK that would delightfully stands as piece of art revealing the maturity and growth of the Architecture in Saudi Arabia. Pleasing to the eye, well designed structure that elegantly grows from the ground leaving great roots behind, rising up in a curl – like figure, climbs up charmingly along with the chilly winds of the sea.

A transparent diamond being carried by this superb form while the sun rays play around with the diamond reflecting lights of freshness shaping a distinctive appearance that blends in with the environmental elements synchronically.

The Architect has introduced an excellent quality services in this 388 m height tower, which is made of 83 floors and the first 12 floors have the advantage of having a car park close to each flat, all cars to be lifted up by constructed ramps.

The Architect has saved the peak space of the tower to build 3 restaurants, creating a splendid atmosphere that will be a pleasurable experience for the occupants


  • Units :

  • Location : Jeddah