Burj Almasarat

After an experienced study of the real experiment for Tower projects, This tower has unique advantages in terms of location and view also investment field, as well as the architectural and economical activity to complete the combined advantages that the tower adopt. The tower has been designed with the latest urban systems that keeps modern construction concepts, with design expertise and attention to maintain the vitality of the location, which is in turn connected and represents the company as the bride of the Red Sea, goes high as (42 story) with an area of (9559 m2) with panorama view of the Sea and magnificent vision of the city of Jeddah and enters a touch of the so-called old hanging gardens in an outstanding system where we provide each apartment with its own garden also provides a public swimming pool and playgrounds for children in addition to a special swimming pool for each villa in the upper floors. The tower have fully taken into account the independency according to the habits and traditions of the Saudi family in terms of privacy. And it will be the first in the Middle East, as the first to have automatic lifts that lift up the car to the (28 th floor). We have allocated a special parking for each unit owner to give full privacy and the speed of access.


The project is located in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea Corniche behind the train lake and occupies

  • Units : 308

  • Location : Jeddah